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Ilays Technologies is a wholesale distributor of off-grid photovoltaic systems and components for portable and pico products and offers custom solar energy solutions for residential, business, schools, and government customers. Ilays Tech was established to satisfy the bent-up demand for clean, affordable, and sustainable energy in Somalia and to become the leading provider of solar powered products and services in Somalia. It aims to knock down the barriers to the adoption of solar energy and accelerate its usage across the country and in the region.


Reduce the access barriers to clean, affordable energy for the energy poor - under-served or unserved customers in Somalia - to improve their lives and socio-economic mobility. We believe in the power of the sun to light every home.


Meet our customer’s electricity requirements and needs by offering well-designed, high quality, affordable, and sustainable solar products and services.


  • Become the dominant market leader in the solar energy industry in Somalia
  • Provide to customers the most reliable, high quality, affordable solar energy solutions in the Horn of Africa and the highest customer service
  • Bring this clean, abundant and renewable source of energy to customers
  • Reduce deforestation and ecological damage due to the unsustainable use of charcoal and fossil fuels
  • Improve the health, education and socio-economic conditions of our customers through the provision of clean energy

Products and Services

Ilays Tech is a leader in offering quality solar energy products and solutions for all solar energy needs. We carry wide-range of complementary products sourced from industry-leading suppliers and designed, installed, and serviced by highly skilled solar systems engineers.

Solar Home Systems (SHS) – these are small-scale off-grid systems that provide basic electricity for individual homes for lighting, charging mobile phones, powering - radios, TVs, home appliance, etc. The product offering in this category includes ready to use solar kits of various sizes from leading brands such as d.light.

Custom Systems – the target customers for this category are mainly commercial and public and private institutions. Ilays Tech provides custom-designed stand-alone systems for these customers based on their requirements and energy needs. These systems require low maintenance and are the most economical solution for the commercials and institutional customers. Typical applications include systems for hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, and government facilities.

Micro-Grids – these systems are ideal solutions for large buildings like hospitals, schools, hotels or even entire villages. Ilays Tech designs centralized solar systems that could be sized to generate enough clean electricity to supply several households.

Backup Systems – these are standby systems that rely on batteries to provide uninterrupted electricity in case of grid failure. Backup systems can easily be integrated into an existing grid infrastructure or combined with other sources of energy systems.

Solar Water Pumping Systems - Ilays Tech provides solar water-pump solution that offers a cost effective alternative to or complements conventional water pumping systems for Agriculture, rural & urban water supply. This system runs on solar power during daytime and on conventional power during the night.

Solar Water Heating Systems: Ilays Tech offers a variety of water efficient and cost effective heating solutions for homes, commercial and institutional facilities. Ilays Tech’s solar water heaters are high utility, low maintenance systems the use sunlight during daylight hours and store heated water in storage tank.


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Our Team

Solar power is more than a livelihood to the solar professionals at Ilays Tech; it’s a passion and way of life. We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, service technicians, and sales teams to handle all of our customr solar energy needs. With a focus on trust, professionalism, and quality services, Ilays Tech continuously strives to uphold its reputation as a leader and pioneer in solar operations and maintenance services in our region.

Why Ilays Technologies

  • Quality, affordable products
  • Timely delivery, installation, and maintenance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Dedicated team of experts