Solar Home Systems (SHS) are small scale off-grid systems that provide basic electricity for individual homes. High-performance batteries ensure a reliable supply even during the night or periods of bad weather. Simple electrical appliances like lighting of rooms, charging mobiles, radio, TV, cooling food and medicine can go a longContinue Reading

We provide custom-designed stand-alone systems for our customers based on their requirements and energy needs. We design the most economical solution for the residential customer for Off-Grid and Hybrid systems. Avoid these rising rates by installing a residential solar panel system on your roofContinue Reading

Ilays Tech designs centralized solar systems that could be sized to generate enough clean electricity to supply several households. Typical applications for micro-grid systems include hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, villages and government facilities. These systems are flexible and as a result the modules can be extended if electricity demand increases. With lowContinue Reading

Standby systems that rely on batteries to provide uninterrupted electricity in case of grid failure. Backup systems can easily be integrated into an existing grid infrastructure or combined with sources of energy systems.Continue Reading

Ilays Tech offers a variety of water efficient and cost-effective heating solutions for homes, commercial and institutional facilities. Ilays Tech’s solar water heaters are high utility, low maintenance systems the use sunlight during daylight hours and store heated water in storage tank.Continue Reading

 Ilays Tech provides solar water-pump solution that offers a cost-effective alternative to or complements conventional water pumping systems for Agriculture, rural & urban water supply. This system runs on solar power during daytime when it is mostly needed and can be used with batteries to also run when there is no sun. Continue Reading

These are industrial and commercial grade water treatment plants that can treat sea water and borehole water making it safe for human, animal and industrial consumption.Continue Reading